Explore the Effects of Your Technology Habits: Questions + Resources

What are the effects of your tehcnology habits_

The first weekly challenge in becoming more “tech”nically intentional was to draft a personal technology mission statement.  As I shared in the last post, a good first step is to see where you currently are by tracking the time you spend on your phone and/or computer.  The next steps are to figure out the effects of these habits, decide what changes need to be made, and create a few action statements with guiding principles that you can refer back to in the future.

If you’re a busy mom like me, pulled in what seems to be a million different directions, this probably seems like an overwhelming task.  The purpose of this post, as well as the previous and next ones, are to break down the process into more manageable 5-minute (or less!) mini-challenges.

This mini-challenge will explore the potential effects of your technology habits and hopefully point out some changes that you might make to improve.  For this step, you don’t need to actually do anything… except think (and maybe jot a few notes if you’re visual like me).  Just view and/or listen to as many (or as few, but at least one!) of the following resources as you’d like.  The goal of this exercise is to consider two questions:

Questions for Thought:

  1. How are your habits in using technology affecting you personally (your productivity, thought patterns, spiritual life, stress/anxiety, contentment, rest, etc.)?
  2. What are the “secondhand” effects they’re having on your relationships – kids/spouse, family, friends, co-workers?


Article:  The Internet May Be Changing Our Minds in Ways We Never Imagined (HuffPost interview with Nicholas Carr)

Article:  8 Ways Tech Has Completed Rewired our Brains (Mashable)

Podcast:  How Secondhand Screen Time Can Harm Our Kids: What Parents Need to Know by Dr. Josh + Christi

Article:  Why Our Son Doesn’t Have a Smartphone (The Gospel Coalition)

Each of these articles impacted how I thought more critically about my own technology usage, and I hope you gain some insights, as well.  If you only have time for one, I’d highly recommend the podcast, as it contains some excellent practical strategies.  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Want to read more?  Go here to view all posts in the TECHnically Intentional 31-day series.




3 thoughts on “Explore the Effects of Your Technology Habits: Questions + Resources

  1. April, great resources! I just read “Why My Son Doesn’t Have a Smartphone.” It was an informative article backed with biblical principles and a father’s love for his son, even so much as to say “no” to a smartphone. I am praying for the same strength when the time comes in my household. Thank you for your post and for the resources!


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