TECHnically Intentional Thoughts: Week 1

Each week during this 31-day writing challenge, I plan to dedicate one day to reflect and journal my thoughts on the weekly challenges, writing process, and any other general ideas or insights.

Weekly Challenge – Personal Technology Mission Statement:

While mission statement initially sounded good, the more I got into it and thought about, the more unnecessarily complex it felt.  The idea behind it was to think about, and draft our general purposes/goals for using technology in an ideal way… with the hope that it would serve to frame our daily actions.  Ideally, if someone already has a personal/life mission statement, this would fit right into it.  “Technology Guidelines” or “Guiding Principles” might better represent this idea, but hopefully the main idea was gotten across.  At some point, I do plan to go back and simplify each of the steps in the 3-step process to make them more in line with the mini-challenges (track your time, explore effects of your tech habits, etc.), and I’d also like to create a printable worksheet to streamline the process.

I spent some time going through the steps and thinking about what I want my personal tech mission statement/guiding principles to be, and I think I’ve arrived at a good starting point with these statements (which I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak over time):

  • Be intentional about creating, not just consuming, content online.
  • Cultivate discipline – Track my time daily on phone/laptop; schedule unplugged times, and stick to them.
  • Leave my phone in a designated area while the kids are home each afternoon.
  • Regularly fast from social media on a weekly basis.

On the Writing Process:

Writing daily is hard.  Period.  I’ve done it for a time period before, but that was a little different – academic writing, and progressively working on one continuous manuscript.  Creating new, interesting content, with images, on a daily basis is downright tough – even with an outline of previously brainstormed post topics/resources to pull from.  I’m in a Facebook group with several of the writers participating in this 31-day challenge, and one post asked for those who had participated before to share some advice.  My favorite was to “let some posts suck a little.”  That made me LOL!  Because it’s true.  We are busy women who have very limited time each day to write, and some days, you just have to get it done.  However, I think that’s actually really good for me.  I tend to be a perfectionist, which can drive procrastination, so having a goal to publish something daily is definitely growing me as a writer.

Also, what is up with the Facebook algorithm??  Instagram seems more straightforward, but Facebook has me a bit baffled.  I am way confused on how to know who is seeing posts when, and I do feel like it’s changed since last year when I was posting more.  Who knows.  And I really don’t have time to try to figure it out right now.  I had forgotten how it feels to put something you have created “out there” in social media land and wait to see how it’s perceived (sort of terrifying, by the way).  But if you happen to be reading this and have taken the time to give one of my shared posts a “like,” big thank you! 🙂  Your encouragement means more than you will ever know.

In General:

I have both loved and hated this topic (often simultaneously) over the past week.  In hindsight, it would have probably been easier to pick a different topic.  But I did/do feel led to contribute to the conversion about how technology is affecting us – for better and for worse – and what we can actually take action to do about it.  I feel like most of the articles I read about technology are doom and gloom – it’s changing our brains, turning our kids into zombies, killing our attention spans, etc… but most fall short of addressing practical ways we can take control and be part of the solution.  So, if nothing else, I hope at least some of my posts prompt others – even one person – to consider how technology is affecting them/their families in various ways and take a step in the right direction.

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