My Top 3 Tech Tools for Productivity


I enjoy reading other bloggers’ “Friday favorites” posts about some of their favorite things, so I thought I’d join in!  Through the end of this challenge, each Friday I’ll share a few of my favorite technology tools.  Today’s tools are all focused on productivity.

My Top 3 Favorite Tech Tools for Productivity:

1. Google Calendar & Drive

To keep track of events, appointments, and reminders, in addition to my paper planner I have used Google Calendar for over 10 years and continue to love it.  I also use several Google Drive apps for teaching and personal reasons; it’s a perfect solution for collaborating with others on a project.  I like to joke that Google should pay me to promote their products, because I’m a huge fan!

The main reasons I prefer this calendar over other digital versions is that it’s super easy to use, syncs with my iPhone calendar, will send you reminders before an event, and (my favorite) allows for creation/sharing of multiple calendars across multiple users.  My husband and I share our calendars with each other, so we can easily see what the other has going on at a glance.

In the past, I’ve had separate calendars (all events show at once) with different colors for personal events, work, meal planning, and my kids. Best of all… it’s FREE!  A must-have for busy families with multiple activities.

2. iPhone Reminders App:

This is the built-in app that allows you to create various lists, with sharing features. I currently have a general Reminders list (which I use as an extension of my daily to-do’s listed in planner), Shopping (shared with husband), To Buy (running list of things I need/want to buy in the future, such as gifts), and House Tasks (my sweet husband requested this one… now the jury’s still out on whether he ever looks at it, LOL!).

So, whenever I run out of a grocery item, I put it directly into our shared Shopping list, and whoever is at the store first can see and purchase it.  Also, my favorite feature is that you can set a pop-up or email “reminder” for any list item to occur at a certain time, place, or both.  Perfect for those like me who have perpetual mommy brain!

3. ToDoist App:

Similar to the Reminders app, ToDoist is an app that allows you to create “to do” lists for various tasks.  This has been extremely helpful for me in managing multiple work and personal projects at once.  If you’re a list-maker addict like me, the action of swiping right across an item gives you a fulfilling green check mark. 🙂  It has both a desktop and app interface, making it duly accessible on both computer and tablet/phone.

Since it isn’t iPhone specific, ToDoist would be a good option for Android users.  Also, we recently got an Amazon Echo Dot, and this app seems to be syncing more seamlessly than Reminders.  So, my husband and I will likely move all of our shared lists there in the near future.

A few “notable mentions” include:

Dropbox – This is a close running for the Top 3.  All of my files are contained in Dropbox, and can be accessed from any Internet-linked computer, as well as my phone.  If you’ve ever lost all of your files due to a computer crash, you understand the value of having digital access to your files!  It also allows for free file sharing, either with an individual or publicly.

Trello – Another collaborative project/task management solution; similar to online sticky notes.  I’ve used this in the past when I had several projects going at once and found it to be really helpful.

Evernote – A digital “file cabinet” of sorts; great for saving visual information, such as business cards, PDFs, etc.; also allows for note-taking and shared document creation/collaboration.  My IT guy hubby is a huge Evernote enthusiast, but I use Google Drive more frequently.

What’s your favorite app or tool for productivity?








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