Just Look Up


How many times do you think you glance at your phone each day?

Research claims that the average American checks their phone between 80 and 150 times a day.  Wow.  Pause for a minute and let the weight of that fall on you.

If someone asked us what we were doing – what we were accomplishing – in those glances, we’d probably be able to give a pretty clear answer.  Just today, I used my phone to read my Bible, use email and texts to communicate for several important purposes, connect and share life with friends and family through social media, create a meal plan, add to my grocery list, cue up a music playlist, learn from a video, and the list goes on.

But what if we were asked what we missed in those 80+ glances?  How often do I consider what I’m looking away from?

Here are a few noteworthy things I saw today, in and around my own home, yard, neighborhood, and city:

The faces of my children, looking to me for recognition and approval

The gorgeous fall leaves, turning brilliant colors against the bluest fall sky

A vibrant crimson cardinal peeking out from the eve of our roof

My youngest’s animated expressions and giddy laughter as she shared a made-up story

The rushed parent at preschool pickup, with whom a smile was shared

The joy in my oldest’s eyes as she danced through the kitchen

My husband’s eyes, equal parts loving and exhausted, as he walked in the door after work

How many moments – seemingly insignificant, but actually priceless – pass right before our downcast eyes?  Too many times, I think I’m looking but don’t truly see.  This life passes in but an instant; I don’t want to miss it.  My phone is invaluable to me in many ways, but never more so than the precious people and moments the Lord has placed right in front of me.

I just need to make sure I’m spending enough time looking up.

This is my last post in a series on becoming more intentional with technology. If you enjoyed it, click below to read more.



5 thoughts on “Just Look Up

  1. Loved this, April! I need my phone but not more than the people around me. Thanks for pushing me to be intentional with technology. It has its place. But that’s all…just a place. It’s not everything.


  2. Such a good post, April. I loved your
    “straight to the heart” question of how much we miss “glancing” at our phones.
    And the beautiful examples of those missed moments you gave.
    Although my littles are all grown now, I am blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters. I understand all too well how fast they grow up.
    Thank you for the poignant reminder to look for the precious moments in our day.


    1. Terry, thank you greatly for your kind and encouraging words! I am trying to get back into writing more regularly, and your encouragement was timely and is appreciated.

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