You are Loved


Dear Kate & Annabeth,

I am certainly not a perfect mom, but I hope my actions and words show you daily that, above all else, you are deeply loved, just as you are.

From the time we knew we were expecting each of you, your dad and I have loved you with everything that we have.  Kate, the night we found out I was pregnant with you, your Daddy and I went walking around our neighborhood, talking excitedly about our plans for our growing family and wondering about the person you would be.  Annabeth, the day we found out about you, we stayed up late on the couch in our new home (the week that we moved in), wondering which bedroom would be yours and pondering your personality, possible names, and how you would make our family complete.  When I nursed and rocked each of you to sleep as tiny babies, time and time again, singing “You are my Sunshine” and old hymns, I would watch you sleeping in my arms and wonder how I could be so blessed as to know such a great love, knowing that I would do anything for you.  And what a fun adventure it has been to see you both grow, change, talk to us, and transform into your own little wonderful personalities, with your unique gifts!  I often wonder who you will become in 5, 10, 15 years from now.  While I have big expectations for you, know that nothing you could ever do, nor any mistake you could make, could make me love you any more or less.

But as much as we love you, God loves you infinitely more – as I try to remind you at bedtime each night!  As your Heavenly Father, who made you and offered His own Son, Jesus, up for you, His love for you far surpasses anyone’s – even ours.  Human love is always based on condition, no matter how sincere our motives, but God’s love, like His nature, is never changing, always constant – the same today, yesterday, and forever.  No matter what you do, no matter what the world or other people may tell you, you can always trust in God’s love for you.  You are truly, deeply, unconditionally loved and treasured!  Nothing can ever take that away from you.

No matter what is happening in your life – right, wrong, or otherwise – you can rest assured that you are truly, unconditionally loved.








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